AGC unveils an Ultra-lightweight Solar Panel


AGC unveils an Ultra-lightweight Solar Panel ― With the use of Leoflex™, the panel weight reduced by nearly 50%―

Tokyo, May 23, 2014—AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuhiko
Ishimura) announced that it will start the sales of Lightjoule™, an ultra-lightweight solar panel, this month.
Using LeoflexTM, a thin and strong chemically strengthened specialty glass, as the cover glass, AGC successfully
reduced the panel weight of Lightjoule by nearly 50% compared to conventional solar panels.


In recent years, large rooftops, such as those found on plants, warehouses, and public facilities, are increasingly
used for solar panel installation. However, some rooftops have loading weight restrictions and in such cases the
user need to reduce the number of solar panels installed or carry out roof reinforcement work prior to

Being ultra-lightweight, Lightjoule can be installed on rooftops with loading weight restrictions without
reinforcement work. A larger number of panels can be installed without the extra cost required by conventional
panels. In addition, the lighter-weight solar panel will improve the efficiency of installation work and reduce
installation costs.

Together with the launch of Lightjoule that utilizes the advantages of Leoflex, AGC will continue to offer
products and technologies that respond to market needs for energy conservation.

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Junichi Kobayashi, General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
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Product name

Product number


Cell type

Single crystal silicon

Nominal maximum output

225 W

External dimensions (W x D x H)

1,482 x 985 x 35 mm


9.5 kg

Module conversion efficiency


Module output Guarantee period*

20 years*



* Please contact us for the details and terms and conditions of the product guarantee.


Example of installation of ultra-lightweight solar panels (Kansai Plant (Takasago Factory) of AGC):