AGC Solar for the first time at Solar Power International 2010


From 12 to 14 October, AGC Solar(1) will take part in the Solar Power International Exhibition, in Los Angeles, California, where they will showcase their wide range of products (in glass, electronics and chemicals) for solar applications. This will be the first time AGC Solar has exhibited in North America

For thin film (silicon and CdTe) photovoltaic panels, AGC will present its TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) glass range, produced online and offline to meet the full range of customers’ requirements. The TCO ANS for high efficiency tandem junction solar cells will be presented assembled in a Generation 8.5. micromorphous silicon module from ENN Solar(2). For thin film CIGS, the back glass PV 200, available with or without Moly coating, will be exhibited.

For photovoltaic crystalline, Solite Plus high performance coated glass with SPARC anti-reflective coating will be showcased. The SPARC coating, available on patterned (Solite and Solatex) or extra clear float glass (Sunmax) offers high light and energy transmission allowing to increase the energy output of the photovoltaic panels by up to 5%, which is equivalent to gaining 2 extra weeks of sun each year.

For all types of photovoltaic modules, AGC offers the Fluon ETFE fluoro-polymer film which can be used as cover film and backing sheet. The film is highly regarded for its durability, water resistance and electrical insulation properties.

For Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), AGC will present its extra clear, extra thin mirror (Sun Mirox). Being less than 1mm thick, Sun Mirox offers high energy reflection and mechanical flexibility, which makes it the perfect solution for CSP. AGC will also exhibit its range of glass tubes as component for trough receivers.

The AGC Solar range of products, offers technological solutions to meet producers and assemblers needs in terms of productivity, efficiency and durability.


(1) Booth 249.

(2) ENN Solar, located in China, uses TCO to produce micomorphous silicon modules using Applied Materials thin film technology (

AGC Solar, worldwide know-how in solar glass

AGC Solar is a key player in the solar glass business. As part of the world leader in glass production, AGC, it benefits from the latest glass technologies to make renewable energy a success. The company operates with plants in Europe, North America and Asia and produces glass solutions for three main solar applications: photovoltaic modules, thermal collectors and concentrating solar mirrors. It aims for the highest production standards for increased performance and works through a worldwide network to serve its customers. Its slogan "Empowering Solar Efficiency" says it all.

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