AGC Glass Europe wins Prize for Technological Innovation in Wallonia


At a ceremony held in Namur on Monday, 12 October, AGC was awarded the Prize for Technological Innovation in Wallonia in the "large company" category, for its range of extra-clear glass destined for architectural and solar applications.

Developed at the company's R&D Centre in Jumet (Belgium, Wallonia), these types of glass guarantee maximum transmission of light and energy in the solar spectrum. At 91.5% and 91%* respectively (compared with 89.5% and 85% for ordinary glass) their transmission factor is close to the theoretical limits posed by optical physics, namely 92% for both light and energy. As such they meet not only the aesthetic requirements for contemporary architecture in search of light-filled spaces in neutral colours, but also the very high performance demanded by the rapidly growing solar power industry. These types of extra-clear glass are used for solar panels and solar mirrors, and also to make covers for thermal collectors. Their surface may be either patterned or flat (float glass, in the latter case).

Furthermore, the new glass types are also produced in Wallonia. The Moustier plant, the largest glass producer in Europe, manufactures extra-clear flat glass as well as glass with a conductive coating. The Roux plant for its part is the only unit in the group entirely reconverted to production of solar glass, in patterned form. "Together with our solar mirrors, these products represent a complete range of solar solutions for manufacturers in constant search of technological progress," says Jean-François Heris, President and Chief Executive Officer of AGC Glass Europe.

The award ceremony was attended by numerous personalities from the worlds of Belgian politics, science and business.

* For glass with a thickness of 4 mm.


AGC Glass Europe, a leader in flat glass

AGC Flat Glass Europe produces and processes mainly flat glass for the construction industry (exterior glazing and interior decorative glass), for the automotive sector and for specialised industries*. Based in Brussels, Belgium, it is the European branch of AGC Glass, the world’s leading producer of flat glass.


Its baseline « Glass Unlimited » reflects the possibilities offered by:

  • glass as a material that meets a growing range of requirements (comfort, energy control, health & safety, appearance);
  • its new applications resulting from a sustained R&D in advanced glass technology;
  • its production facilities made up of 18 float plants, 7 automotive plants and over 100 distribution/processing units located throughout greater Europe, from Spain to Russia;
  • its worldwide marketing network;
  • the resources of its personnel motivated by a shared desire for excellence.

 AGC Glass Europe currently employs about 14,500 people.


For more information: (corporate site) and (product site).


 * Transport (high-speed trains, trams and ships), domestic appliances and high-tech applications.


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