AGC Solar extra clear glass for solar mirrors manufacturers maximizes the energy reflection on the receiver.


BIPV (Building integrated photovoltaics) modules are panes of glass with built-in photovoltaic cells that are embedded between two sheets of glass.

Their function is a revolutionary innovation for glass because it significantly improves a building's economic and ecological balance, since BIPV modules allow glass solutions to generate energy using photovoltaic technologies.

BIPV modules can be integrated into a building in various forms, e.g. in facades, canopies, sunshades or balustrades.

SunEwat XL (available on European market only)

Laminated safety glass with embedded photovoltaic cells.

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SunEwat (available on European market only)

SunjouleTM (available on Japanese market only)

Light through type of BIPV, which can generate electrivity.

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Sunjoule TM (available on Japanese market only)